10 Reasons You Should Keep Dancing

Dance is a beautiful artform that has many benefits to those who continue dancing into their adult years. Whether you choose ballet Long Island, salsa, or dancehall, here are ten reasons you should keep moving.

1: It releases endorphins, which makes you happy.

2: It keeps your joints properly lubricated.

3: It keeps you flexible, and strong as you age.

4: Dancing has been proven to assist in proper cognitive functioning, even going so far as to stop or slow the signs of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

5: It can help keep the passion in your marriage and build a stronger partnership.

6: It is a fun, straightforward way to work out – even for people who hate working out. No sweaty gym bags or boring treadmills necessary.

7: Dancing eases the effects of both anxiety and depression. Studies have shown it to be almost effective, if not as effective, as prescription medications.

8: Dance is affordable. There are many free or cheap dancing events in your area. Can’t get out? Even your kitchen can be turned into a studio for an impromptu dance session.

9: You can involve the kids. Stay at home moms are often at their wits end trying to juggle everything. Dancing allows you to exercise, de-stress, AND entertain the kids all at once!

10: It improves circulation, heart health, and your lungs all at once.

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So, are you ready to start dancing yet? There really is no reason not to. You don’t have to be a professional or even have any idea of what you are doing. There is no pressure to be great, just move your body and have fun! If you want, you can always sign up for some affordable classes to help give you the basic skills to be a good dancer.